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Interdisciplinary Journal of E-Learning and Learning Objects

The Editorial Review Board is a key part of IJELLO. Its role is to review and comment on manuscripts, thus providing the input to the editors who make the final decision on which papers are accepted and rejected. Even more so, you are to be a mentor to the author on how to make the submission even better, whether or no you recommend for its acceptance.

Members of the Board have the dual role of coach and quality assurance officer. They blind review manuscripts submitted to the journal. The role of the reviewer for this journal is constructive, particular if the recommendation is not to accept the manuscript. In all cases, the members of the Board of Editors will provide the authors will comments and suggestions that will make a good paper even better. One of the purposes of the review process is to educate the author in how to write good papers so that future submissions will be even better.

If you like to join the IJELLO editorial review board, please email your CV or resume to the Editor-in-Chief Alex Koohang.

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