Why We Print Journals to Paper.  We firmly believe that our scientific mission would be fulfilled by publishing quality refereed papers online without charge.  However, we also recognize that other organizations, such as some libraries and some university committees, may expect journals to appear in paper format.  Therefore, while we publish our journal articles online as soon as they are accepted (so as to increase their impact on science), we also publish a printed volume of each journal as an annual in January of the following calendar year.

How To Obtain Paper Copies

There are four ways to obtain print copies of Informing Science Institute (ISI) journal articles.  The most cost effective of these are listed first.

1.   Authors and readers may download and print copies of articles free of charge for personal and educational use, so long as the copyright provisions shown on the first page of each article are followed.

2.      Members of the Informing Science Institute and authors whose work is published in a given volume may order via our discounted members-only bookstore at http://ISPress.org. For members and authors whose work is published in a given volume, shipping is charged at a flat rate worldwide of $10 USD per item, up to a maximum of $25 USD. Memberships are available at this site at $25 USD for individuals and $100 USD for institutions.

3.      Bookstore, institutions and individuals who are not members of the Informing Science Institute may purchase the journals at a discount at http://InformingSciencePress.COM . The price of current volumes is $59.99 USD plus shipping (worldwide $15 per item up to a maximum of $45 per order). Select eProcessing Network as the payment method to pay by credit card, or select check/money order if you will be posting payment. To pay by check, make your check out to "Informing Science" and post it to Informing Science, 131 Brookhill Court, Santa Rosa, California, 95409 USA. Please include a copy of your order with your check.  Payment by PayPal or MoneyBookers is also possible using this option.

4.      Beginning with the 2009 volumes, all ISI journals also are available in printed format through Amazon.com

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